Boys Track Team Sprints to Success

Grayslake Central Boys Track runs to victory


Griffin Ryckman, Staff Reporter

It has been a difficult two  years for sports here at GCHS, with COVID restrictions either pushing seasons back or canceling them altogether. With COVID restrictions slowly lifting and life starting to return to a sense of normalcy, sports are back and everyone is excited to see how these seasons go. GCHS has a really rich history in sports, ranging from football and baseball to soccer, but one of the biggest sports is track. The track team is one of the oldest sports here at GCHS, being created back in 1951.

As head coach of Boys track and field, Brent Pitt said  “We have competed really strongly this season”. The track team is competing very well in events such as relays, sprints and jumps. The season started back in January and continues through May 28. Even though most of the season has passed, there is still time to see what the rest of the season will bring..  The boys track team also meets on Fridays with senior nights on Mondays.

“We have a lot of top competitors this year,” said Brent Pitt, such as Kaden Miller who is a state qualifier in the triple jump,  John Vagnoni in the 400, Shaun Mullen in pole vault and hurdles, Bryan Vale in 800, 2 mile, 4×4 and 4×8 and Darryl Overstreet in hurdles.

Besides trying to win events, a big part of track is helping the athletes to improve. Not only for track but also for other sports that these athletes may play.

”I Love to see athletes grow as far as maturity and athletically. To see them get scholarships and go to universities. I started with only 16 boys. Success leads to success,” Pitt said.