Journalism Needs You

Sign up for Journalism next year


Are you the student that is always chatting about ideas that excite you? 

Do you want to help create RAMPAGE?

Well, in journalism you automatically become a family member of the RAMPAGE crew, where you’re able to express your thoughts and write about the community! Speak to your counselor today about enrolling in    journalism for the upcoming year. The class consists of a productive and engaging atmosphere that allows individuals to step outside their comfort zone and obtain knowledge on real world skills like being able to conduct a professional interview, designing, and journalistic writing. If you want to break out of your shell and do more collaborative work with your peers, this is the class for you!

“Rampage teaches you life skills that you can’t get  anywhere else.”-Mitchell Fuller

“Journalism is different compared to your regular English class. You dont have to write essays or read books. In journalism, you work with others and cover stories on topics you feel are relevant to your community.”-Kaylee Staral

“I definitely enjoy putting effort and time into creating a story and being collaborative with others.”-Chris Trejo