On February 23, we see a large amount of snow piling up on Opinion Editor Caden Moes backyard table. This day would have been a snow day, but was instead an eLearning day for everybody. (Photo by Caden Moe)

S’no’w more snow days at GCHS?

Caden Moe, Opinion Editor
March 4, 2021
According to a poll conducted by Rams Media, 20 of GCHS students are currently in a relationship while 43 are not. For about every 6 students 4 are single and 2 are in a relationship.

Puppy love deceives teenagers

Maia AlBarrak, Sports & Opinion Editor
February 5, 2021
Pictured are scrambled eggs made for breakfast by opinion editor Caden Moe. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein, and are thus, a healthy choice for breakfast. (Photo by Caden Moe).

GCHS students are not eating breakfast

Caden Moe, Opinion Editor
February 4, 2021
Above you see a Kami assignment PDF that went missing.

Kami’s unreliability proves difficult

Caden Moe, Opinion Editor
December 17, 2020
Before COVID, students and sports teams would get together to celebrate accomplishments on the field.

Seniors miss making memories

Payton Waigand, Staff Reporter
December 17, 2020
If you want to help out and stop bullying at GCHS, go to https://www.d127.org/central/student/stop-bullying.

Cyberbullying must stop

Joselind Manzano, News Editor
November 23, 2020
A typical eLearning desk for freshmen features a water bottle, dishes, and Schoology open on their Chromebook.

Freshmen start high school online

Ellen Batty, Staff Reporter
November 20, 2020
Cargo shorts and a pocket t-shirt: an outfit so simple, yet comfortable and functional for an exceptionally low cost. Photo by Daniel deBoer

Designer fashion creates confusion

Daniel deBoer, Feature Editor
November 19, 2020
A view of Downtown Grayslake from the lower patio at First Draft. Photo by Hayley Breines

First Draft Opens its doors to Grayslake

Hayley Breines, A&E Editor & News Editor
September 18, 2020
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