Softball fighting for comeback

Softball is trying to turn their season around and turn it in to a winning season.


Photo by: Maddy Struck

The seniors are trying to build relationships with the younger kids on the team.

Payton Waigand, staff reporter

This softball season, the Rams have more freshmen on their varsity squad than any other class, which creates a unique opportunity for the underclassmen to get varsity game experience at such a young age. With unexpected outages, the coaches Jason Schaal and Meghan Lynn needed to bring up more of the younger girls on an already young team.

In the first couple of weeks, the softball team was cut pretty thin, with Eliza Piggott breaking her thumb on her glove hand, and with a couple of other girls not being able to play for various other reasons. With most of the girls being able to return at about week four of the season, preparation for the later part of the season is in full swing. Senior Megan Morrisey said, “We’re preparing for the last stretch of games by hitting off of the pitching machine and running different situations at practice so that we’re prepared to face tough opponents.” 

There still have been some stand out players on this crew. Varsity head coach Schaal said, “I think Jenna Dooley at the lead-off position has been on base eleven of the last twelve times.” Dooley is currently batting a .429 and an on base percentage of .929. Junior Rachel Smigielski had been an undeniable contributor to the team. Schaal said, “She has really done an outstanding job. [She] represents what hard work looks like on and off the field, and how it pays off.” Smigielski is currently batting a .526 and fielding an impressive 1.00 not missing a single ball her way.  

The softball team’s record is currently 1-19. Schaal said, “Even though softball might not be starting as strong as they hoped, it doesn’t change how they plan to finish off the season…we’re going to keep teaching and building through those last two weeks and see how we do.” 

Softball will possibly be competing in the 3A state series that starts June 17. Senior Madelynn Struck said, “Ultimately, our goal is to make it as far as we can in the postseason, and we have our eyes on that regional title as well!”

Overall, the Rams have been challenged in the first stretch of the season, but they don’t plan to let adversity stop their progress as they keep going along in pursuit of a winning season.