GCHS Prom Pics and Recs!

Prom recommendations and advice for Prom planning


Bernice Rice, Staff Reporter

Prom is a very important part of highschool. It is something that a lot of students plan and  look forward too. Generally there are lots of flashy dresses and also fancy makeup and people like to go all out for their special night. This night takes a lot of planning and also time to get dresses, flowers, and also plan for photos. Although the planning can be a little stressful there are also a few tools that can be used to help make the whole process easier. There are also many ways to look good and not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress.

There are many dress stores nearby and they have a very wide selection of prom dresses. From stores like Macys or Nordstrom to Gipper or Camille de vie there is a wide variety of silky dresses, poofy dresses, and fit dresses. Gipper has more expensive dresses but going to Gipper is a very nice experience. Typically there needs to be an appointment scheduled and then there is a huge selection of dresses to try on but the price ranges from usually 100 and up. Lexi Anderson, senior, got a sleek and shiny black dress with details on the side from The Prom Shop . She says the dress is  “ really high quality and [she] was really happy with her purchase”. Usually people get their dresses a while before the dance so the earlier you look the bigger of a selection there will be to chose from.  She explained how the dress “ felt really sturdy but she didn’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it”.

Another thing that helped people plan and get inspired was the GCHS prom dress page on Instagram. The page helped everyone see each other dress and maybe get some ideas or find a good store to look for dresses.  This was really helpful while looking for dresses because everyone can see their peers dresses or outfits and possibly get ideas from it or help them plan ahead for their own outfit.

Flowers are another big part of prom, and there are a lot of places to get them close-by. Jewel Osco sells Corsages for around $30 each, and local floral shops like Flowerama and Lewis florist, sell corsages for around $40. Usually corsages and boutonniere match the color scheme of the dresses and suits. This year the darker color dresses and flowers were really popular. Darker colors like, black emerald green, burgundy, and navy blue were very popular color schemes this year.  Typically heels are worn at prom but the strappy heels  converse, and air forces were worn at this prom! The shoe game has changed from years before as people wore more casual shoes to this prom. Usually people bring a second pair of shoes to change into other than heels like flip flops or slippers so that way when people start dancing they don’t have to wear their uncomfortable shoes  Unfortunately the weather for this years prom was not the best but typically photos are taken outside and a popular place to go is Central park, Jones Island, or downtown Grayslake. All of those options are close by places to take photos with your friends and they will look amazing. Picture planning doesn’t have to be stressful and there are many places close by where you can get good photos. Usually by the time Prom rolls around the weather is nice and sunny out so taking photos outside is the perfect photo opp.

Kaylie Wilkinson, Junior, wears pretty purple dress for prom Photo provided by Kaylie Wilkinson