Global students embrace American culture

Clarissa Sison, Staffer

May 17, 2019

“The country seemed to be huge to me. It felt like there were so many people around me,” Worth mentioned.

Senior assassin game continues in 2019

Kim Torres, Staff reporter

May 14, 2019

Senior assassin is a game, where only seniors participate, and use water guns to eliminate their targets. Whoever is the last person in wins the grand prize of $600. 

Racism still exists today

Kassidie Mortensen, Marketing, Media, and Managing Editor

April 23, 2019

When someone takes the time to put something so highly controversial out into the world of media, outrage, chaos, and disappointment are the only things that will come out of it.

Social media causes a disconnect

March 15, 2019

Social media continues to take the world by storm. Everywhere you look, people are accessing and creating new social networking platforms like never seen before.   At the turn of the 21st Century, social media became increasingl...

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