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Ian Cunningham, News Editor

  1. What grade are you in and how many years have you been in Rampage? I am a senior. This will be my third year in RAMPAGE.
  2. If you could have lunch with one person from the past or present, who would it be? Viktor Frankl
  3. If you were stuck on an island and could only bring 3 things with you, what would you bring? I would bring a book, a pen, and a notebook.
  4. What are your goals for this year? I want to help RAMPAGE Staff reporters create stories that are important to them and the community as a whole.
  5. What's your favorite class at GCHS? I really enjoyed AP Chemistry last year!
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Room 2020, Grayslake Central High School’s Health classroom.

Grayslake Health Course Falls Short of Incorporating LGBTQ+ Standards

March 1, 2023

Room 2020, Grayslake Central High School’s Health classroom.

The Landrys in January 2023.

Working With the Ones They Love: A Profile of Married GCHS Staff

Ian Cunningham, News Editor February 3, 2023
"Teaching is a wonderful career to share that experience with someone that you love," said GCHS Principal Dan Landry.
Captain Thomsen addressed the GCHS student body on Veterans Day. Leadership is not about taking charge. Its about taking care of those in your charge, said Thomsen.

Photo Essay: Veterans Day 2022

Ian Cunningham, News Editor December 6, 2022
Thomsen’s message reminds us that, even though Veterans Day only comes around once each year, gratitude for our service members can be practiced year-round.
On Oct. 7, the girls varsity tennis team celebrates their undefeated conference record.

Girls Tennis Returns with 7-0 In-Conference Record

Ian Cunningham, News Editor November 2, 2022
“I hope that I was a positive role model and [that] they can look to me for help and know that, even though I'm not their captain anymore, I'm still always gonna be there for them because they're a part of the team,” said Madjarov.
GCHS Welcomes New Assoc. Principal for Curriculum & Instruction

GCHS Welcomes New Assoc. Principal for Curriculum & Instruction

Ian Cunningham, News Editor September 20, 2022
"Since I was a little child, I knew I wanted to be a teacher…I just love watching students grow and have their ‘aha’ moments," said Bryniczka.
Przybylski and Georges at the CLC Zombie Walk in the fall of 2013. (Photo provided by Michael Przybylski)

Dr. Georges Leaves a Legacy at Grayslake

Ian Cunningham, Sports Editor May 12, 2022
“It's hard. It's been sad. I have said to a lot of people that while I might not be in this building anymore, I will always be part of the Ramily," said Georges.
On Feb. 19, a GCHS driver’s education vehicle sits parked in the snowy GCHS parking lot.

Driving Tips Help Navigate Blustery Spring Roads

March 8, 2022

On Feb. 19, a GCHS driver’s education vehicle sits parked in the snowy GCHS parking lot.

Why You Should Be a Sports Official

Why You Should Be a Sports Official

Ian Cunningham, Sports Editor March 8, 2022
“There's more games out there than there are officials to cover [them]," said Troy Whalen, GCHS baseball head coach and 24-year IHSA official.
On Nov. 6, the girls cross country team showed off their gold medals and first place state trophy.

Girls cross country bolts into the future

Ian Cunningham, Sports Editor January 28, 2022
The girls celebrated their hard-earned victory...three months later, Coach Centella and the girls are looking towards the future.
GCHS culture shapes new mascot traditions

GCHS culture shapes new mascot traditions

Ian Cunningham, Sports Editor December 8, 2021
“You feel pride with it, and I want that tradition to continue, and I think it will," said Repp.
On May 25, 2021, GCHS junior varsity tennis players teamed up with varsity tennis to compete in a tournament during practice. Tennis athletes are not required to wear face masks during practice, but they still maintain social distancing.

Activities, athletics look forward to next year

Ian Cunningham, Staff Reporter May 26, 2021
“For right now, it sounds like the IHSA is planning on having us back to our normal seasons next year,” Moe says.
This email demonstrates a good balance of formality, is straight forward, and respectful. When writing an email to teachers consider using this format to effectively communicate your point.

Student emails demonstrate professionalism

Ian Cunningham, Staff Reporter April 14, 2021
Thurlwell says, “It’s less about grammar and professionalism. It’s more about just saying please and thank you.”
Many students are finding that afternoon Zoom sessions are helping them better communicate with teachers.

Teachers, students face communication struggles

Ian Cunningham, Staff Reporter March 4, 2021
“How many kids are willing to get back on a Zoom call during a test to ask a teacher, hardly any of them,” said Beerbower.
Melissa Thurlwell and Jon Ellis’s group B English students show their excitement for in-person learning on Feb 4.

Freshman start high school in-person

Ian Cunningham, Staff Reporter February 4, 2021
“It was really fun to be around the high schoolers and actually feel like a high schooler,” said Freshman Caitlyn Sobie.
A Chromebook shows an error message when WiFi connection was lost, a feeling and moment that so many students have faced this semester.

Remote learning challenges causes reflection

Ian Cunningham, Staff Reporter December 17, 2020
“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates
GCHS Senior Tori Whaples poses beside an early voting sign outside of a Grayslake polling location. Photo provided by Tori Whaples

2020 presidential election breaks records

Ian Cunningham, Staff Reporter November 23, 2020
"This tested our concept of democracy, and she did great. She’s doing fine. The process is working.” -Jason Janczak GCHS Social Studies Department Chair
Bike rides along one of Lake County’s hundreds of bike trails is a great way to get outside!

Students stay active during remote learning

Ian Cunningham, Staff Reporter October 22, 2020
"The perfect time to work out is when you are stressed because exercise has so many benefits as far as mental clarity, it gives you energy, and helps you concentrate more and focus. As soon as kids realize that connection, they will be motivated to workout more."
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