Puppy love deceives teenagers

The dangerous disease that is love diffuses across lonesome and naive high schoolers looking to find the peanut butter to their jelly, the icing on their cupcake.


According to a poll conducted by Rams Media, 20 of GCHS students are currently in a relationship while 43 are not. For about every 6 students 4 are single and 2 are in a relationship.

Maia AlBarrak, Sports & Opinion Editor

Love. The area of expertise that some struggle with, while others find great success. It is the bond that binds two people in love. It is the cherry on top for people looking to publicly announce their devoted loyalty and worship to one another. Or at least that’s what they call it, we — the exclusive singles — call it two hopeless romantic teenagers, who think they are in love.

But maybe, just maybe, they are actual soulmates, or they have watched too many cheesy high school movies that portrayed a picture-perfect image of what to expect when looking for a high school relationship, which, in actuality, sets us all up for failure, heartbreak, and high blood sugar. The second explanation seems to be the rational choice. 

The dangerous disease that is love diffuses across lonesome and naive high schoolers looking to find the peanut butter to their jelly, the icing on their cupcake. But little did they know, the cupcake is stale and dry, and the icing is filled with sugars that make it intolerable for one to digest. BAM! A metaphorical interpretation of a relationship, specifically a high school relationship, making one sick to their stomach.

High school relationships are fantasized to be a major turning point in one’s adolescent years. It is time for your limbic system to take charge of your inexplicable actions caused by your yearning for someone to love. But in the movies, love comes naturally. It’s a walk in the park, and if you have no prior knowledge of how high school functions, that is what you would ingenuously expect when entering into a relationship at that stage. While movies depict high school relationships as child’s play, in actuality, it’s an uphill battle. 

Relationships in comical movies are drawn as a fairytale causing us, non-romantically tied individuals, to wander up in the clouds. That is until we come crashing down after personally experiencing the high school romantic atmosphere. Which is, spoiler alert, nothing but a vile and despairing disappointment. 

High school romance has never lived to its legacy. Thoughts that were sparked by cheesy and poorly acted movies turned out to only be illusions created by the mind of a lonely individual that has a serious addition to rom-com movies. 

While some have spent years studying movies that portrayed living life as merely an attachment to finding love, others have focused on the greater things, like, friendships, family, enjoying life. Which some might consider normal and basic accessories in everyday life. Finding love isn’t the only door to happiness. Food can be just as equal of a supplement. Or in other cases, it can be creating lasting memories with people you truly cherish.

As shocking as it may seem, the flip side of the unrealistic expectations implanted in our minds is not true but at best a fantasy that can help an individual to one day dream of finding the perfect mate. Besides, you can always buy a puppy!