Pandemic affects sports seasons

Sports seasons are canceled or postponed for high school and professional sports.

Jakob Killian, Sports Editor

As many may know, sports in America–ranging from high school sports to the major leagues–have been indefinitely postponed, and some just canceled. With the Coronavirus pandemic across the world, fears emerged over whether sports are safe for the players and fans because of the large crowds that gather.

All professional sports including NBA, NHL, and MLB, which would be in their spring training season right now, have suspended their season until further notice. With many governments, such as Illinois, enforcing the stay-at-home order, it is unclear by what time sports will get back into season.

Not only is it just major league sports, but in Illinois, all high schools have suspended sports. That’s not saying though that a season has been entirely canceled, but all seasons have been suspended for the time being. If students return to school this year, who knows? There may be a small section of the seasons that the IHSA can salvage, but if students do not return to school, one may assume that they will be canceled for the remainder of the year.

As a tennis player excited for this year’s tennis season, now who knows if we’re even going to have one. Hopeful for a spot on varsity this season, all of that experience may be lost. Even my doubles partner, who is a junior, is now missing out on one of his last years. He’ll still have his senior year, but he truly felt that the team had a lot of energy toward being successful this season, as well as the spirit to push himself to win.

This is especially hard for the seniors, as this was their last season with their high school team. Maybe this was the first year that they made varsity, but now, they may never be able to have that feeling. We are all feeling for you, seniors.

Speaking for the seniors on my team, they are disappointed, they all wanted a season to remember; it’s just a shame that it may have to end this way. As a sophomore with two more years to go, one must feel lucky, relieved, and excited for the next two years

Things like this are unpredictable, so we should take even the little moments in life to heart.

As sports fans and players around the world wait for this to unfold, all they can do is wait for the unknown to reveal what will happen to their sport teams. Teams can’t wait to get back into the season. Just to be together and give 100% to the sport we love, this would make us all feel better.