GCHS courtyard is open for students

Hannah Colson, Staff Reporter

Last year, Jason Janczak’s history class was challenged to develop ways to change the school with a budget of only 100 dollars. Many groups proposed the idea of an accessible courtyard where the students of GCHS could work. They felt like they wanted to get out of the building during their school day and spent some time outside.

Feeling empowered, the students presented their ideas about the opening of the courtyard to Principal Dan Landry, who approved the students’ requests.

One of the reasons why students aren’t going to the courtyard is because they didn’t even know that they were able to use it. They didn’t know that going outside during their school day was an option.

“I never knew you’re allowed to,” says Kiara Schmitt, a freshman, on why she doesn’t visit the courtyard.

Students also don’t visit the courtyard because they feel as if they don’t have time to during their day.

Freshman, Ashna Desai, says she would go to the courtyard “If I have free time.” But most of the time, students don’t have a whole lot of availability during their day to go enjoy some of their time outside.

Visiting the courtyard does have many perks. It gives students the chance to take a break during their day or study in a new environment.

“It’s nice to get out of the physical building for a little bit,” said Janczak about why staff and students visit the courtyard.

Getting outside sometime during the school day, especially when the weather’s nice, is a nice way for students to take a break.