Students Annoyed By Hallway Jams

Adam Syed, Staff Reporter

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Students love to interact with one another. Students do this in GCHS  by making a large cluster of friends in the hallways. This surely does create a closeness of friends, but there is a downside. This gathering of friends in the hallways creates a blockage for other students to move around the school. 

Logan Munoz, a student in a band of friends states that “laughter, enjoyment, and enjoying life” is what they gain from interacting together.

The only problem is that the gatherings of friends in the hallways create traffic for students and staff. In what way, you may ask? These packs create a cluster in the hall preventing others from getting to class.

Logan was asked if he felt as if he were distracted from the environment when with his friends, he responded with “yes.” The sight of friends distracts one from their surroundings, which contributions to the problem.

A student, Joshua Wilgen, was asked how the clusters in the hallways affect him, he stated, “They stand around doing nothing when I’m trying to get to my classes.”

Another student, Aiden Roberg, stated, “[Groups] congest hallway traffic and they generally just disturb me and all others around me.”

These are all views about on the assemblies of friends, but what students mainly want is not for the groups to disappear, but to have a mindful idea of the space they are taking up.

Aiden states that the school should “Enforce that they stand against the wall.”

Friends in the hall are essential for students’ friendships to thrive and for a break from the stresses of life. Packs of friends should not go away, but respecting the way they use their environment while people are trying to go to class would be a “win, win” for everyone.


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