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Devin David, A&E Editor

  1. What grade are you in and how many years have you been in Rampage? I am a senior and have been in Rampage for 2 years.
  2. If you could have lunch with one person from the past or present, who would it be? I would have lunch with my future wife.
  3. If you were stuck on an island and could only bring 3 things with you, what would you bring? I’d bring water, a guitar, and an ax
  4. What are your goals for this year? To graduate with a good GPA.
  5. What's your favorite class at GCHS? Journalistic writing and analysis
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Humans Life-changing Best Friend

Human’s Life-changing Best Friend

Devin David, Arts & Entertainment Editor May 9, 2023
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself,” said American humorist, Josh Billings. As a dog owner, I can concur with Billings knowing that dogs can love their owners unconditionally. Dogs have been man's best friend for over 15,000 years according to CBS and have evolved from wolves.
Rocky Balboa on top of the famous stairs in Philadelphia 
Photo provided by Flickr

Stepping Into The Ring Of Cinema

Devin David, Arts & Entertainment Editor May 9, 2023
On March 3, 2023, Creed III was released in theaters across the U.S. and grossed over $200 million worldwide. The success of this movie and the release of ‘Big George Foreman’, the George Foreman biopic, has proven that boxing movies are still capable of being successful and are still in demand. While boxing movies have the reputation of being mind-numbing fun action, there are many films that carry significant themes spanning from never giving up to fighting for one's identity.

Powerful Screenplay “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

Devin David, A&E Editor December 12, 2022
The movie is a bag of mixed feelings, however, I ended up thoroughly enjoying it because of Shuri’s  emotional journey. The way the film depicts her sadness but is able to translate it into a satisfying conclusion by the end of the film makes it worthwhile in my opinion. The ending is not only a tribute to the character of T’Challa but a memorial to Boseman himself. It is the birth of a new hero, a new protector, a new Black Panther.
The Grayslake Central Varsity Boys Basketball Team prepared to dominate the season

Central Basketball Prepares for Success

Devin David, A&E Editor December 12, 2022
The girls varsity team is led by senior Katie Dinsmore, and sophomores Madison Hoffmann and Annie Wolff. The boys team is led by senior captains Dennis Estepp and Michael Monahan. Ikenn and Centella both agree that the sport relies heavily on teamwork and the relationships built around their players. They practice how they play, and are ready to take on the season with everything they have.
Centrals Girls Varsity Golf Team

Girls and Boys Golf Swinging Into the Next Generation

Devin David, A&E Editor November 14, 2022
“The Grayslake girl's golf program is on an upward trajectory. I think the readers of Rampage should know that not only the coaching staff of the girl's golf program, but the members of the girl's golf program, are very excited to see where we continue to grow and the path that we have set ourselves up on.” Sutic concluded.

The Controversy Of Netflix’s ’DAHMER’

Devin David, A&E Editor November 14, 2022
Plaza concluded that there must be research done after consuming this type of subject. There is a fine line between the dramatization of Hollywood and actual horrific events. This show provides a conversation to help people understand the psychology behind serial killers and the effects on the victims. This Netflix film has impacted today’s society one way or another.
Central Secures Students Safety

Central Secures Students’ Safety

Devin David, A&E Editor October 7, 2022
“[Y]ou guys are our eyes and ears and so if you see something concerning or you see that your friends off during the day, reporting it to us so that we can check in with them and make sure that everything's okay because sometimes somebody is struggling and one of the students or their peers is the first ones to see it,” Ms. Rossie concluded.
Grayslake Centrals boys volleyballs pre-game huddle (Photo by Daniel Laubhan

Boys Volleyball Team Serves Up Success

Devin David, Staff Reporter May 16, 2022
 Grayslake Central’s volleyball team has been living up to the hype. At the start of the season, coach Erlenbaugh stated that “more and more guys are either playing club or playing other sports.” More players and time to prepare have helped what Erlenbaugh describes as the “most... offensive firepower than [they’ve] ever had.”
The Batman investigating the Riddlers apartment
(Photo by Warner Bros. Studios)

“The Batman” Achieves Artful Perfection

Devin David, Staff Reporter May 16, 2022
“‘The Batman”’ is a tale of mystery and suspense that leads to a very satisfying conclusion. Director Matt Reeves and Warner Bro. studios have already green-lit a sequel and are planning for a trilogy. I am excited to see the future that this world has to offer and I am certain that it will not fail expectations.
Spider-man swinging into action
Photo by Marvel Studios

What makes ‘Spider-man: No Way Home’ sensational?

Devin David, Staff Reporter February 10, 2022
The lead-up to the film featured multiple rumors that kept audiences anticipating and setting their expectations as high as Marvel’s highest-grossing film of all time, ‘Avengers: Endgame.’
The Addams Family cast standing for the encore, photo by Michael Pigin

‘The Addams Family’ amazes audiences

Devin David, Staff Reporter December 8, 2021
"The amount of time and effort and energy and emotional connection that they put into it is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, and to watch kids care so deeply about something and to push each other, and most of the time that pushing doesn’t come from me like the cast will push themselves and the crew will push each other.”

Grayslake Central’s fall favorites

Devin David and Anastasia Paev November 27, 2021
The season of colored leaves and cool wind is here in Grayslake and here are some of the favorite activities and highlights that our student body has expressed. We have taken in the opinions from students around Central to find some interesting activities that people do during Fall. 
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