NLCC Art Show Paints The Town

The art conference is back to showing off student talent


Crowds gather to look at student art

Jordan Fliegelman, Design Editor

April 22nd 2022, Northern Lake County Conference (NLCC) was hosted at Grayslake Central. There were six schools that attended the conference. Each school held around ten winners. The art teachers from each school would walk around their assigned school to critique and pick out their top favorites. While the teachers were judging, some of the older students were able to branch out and attend workshops. Each workshop was held by professionals who were based in Grayslake.

There were workshops that varied in material to learn from like sculpture/Installation, encaustic, cartoon/illustration, ceramics, digital design, abstract painting, watercolor. Every senior that was  invited to the conference was invited into one of these workshops, each chosen by the individual. Winners were chosen by teachers for another school, they were given a blue ribbon along with a blue medal. Although the event wasn’t open for the whole school, those who did attend the show displayed a large amount of fascination with all the school’s works.