Caden Moe

  1. What grade are you in, and how many years have you been with Rampage? I am in my senior year of high school, and this is my third year on the Rampage staff.

  2. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be? Well, I wouldn't want to listen to one song for the rest of my life, because that would quickly get annoying. If I have to pick one, though, it would be "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen; my favorite song from my favorite musical.

  3. What is your dream job? I really want to go into television writing after school.

  4. What are five things you can't live without? I couldn't live without chocolate or pizza, my two favorite foods. I also always need some outlet to write, because I have a lot of thoughts I need to get down. It's also barely an exaggeration to say that TV shows and YouTube videos are the main things that keep me sane.

  5. What are your goals for this year? As a reporter, I want to help keep the student body informed, especially in these times of misinformation and confusion. As an editor, I want to help my staffers improve their writing and be the best journalists they can possibly be.

Caden Moe, Opinion Editor

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Caden Moe