PSP helps the homeless in annual event

Caden Moe, Staff Reporter

The Public Service Practicum, or PSP class, here at Grayslake Central has gathered donations to help the PADS charity over the course of November 2018 going into the holiday season. Readers have likely noticed the red and white striped donation boxes in class, and are curious about what the donation is about. Here, we are going to give an inside look into the drive.

First, readers may wonder, “what is PSP?” History teacher, Dustin Chierico, who teaches  PSP, offers up an explanation.

“PSP is a project management class where students learn leadership and management skills by coordinating service projects,” said Chierico.

Around the school, PSP is the class behind events like the Talent Show and Hunt for the Cure. PSP also works with PADS annually to coordinate donations.

“PADS is a shelter for homeless people,” Chierico described, “The Lake County PADS works together with different venues in Lake County…[to] host a PADS event where people that are homeless come and get a free hot meal and sleep the night on little pads,”

In support of PADS, PSP set up boxes where students could drop off items to donate in most classrooms. In addition, a “giving tree” was set up outside the cafeteria, allowing students to shop for one specific member of PADS.

We have all had some firsthand experience with how cold Illinois can get in the wintertime, and due to the freezing temperatures and horrible storms,  it is very important that people donate warm clothes.

“We recommend people donate warm clothes because it’s wintertime. So hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, boots. There’s also a lot of kids there so toys, but smaller toys so they can fit in their backpacks such as like stuffed animals, educational toys. “Bags because they’re always moving- they’re never in a certain location- so they need things to like store their stuff in,” said senior PSP member Nick Persutti.

The drive concluded on November 30th, with many donations coming from students. On December 3rd, PSP appeared at that night’s PADS event to give the donations to the kids staying there. As pictured, the kids received their gifts from Santa, and were very excited to see him.

Donating something, no matter how small, can make a difference to the children at PADS. Previous drives have proven that. 

“I was talking to PADS two days ago and the people that were at last year’s event are still talking about it,” said senior PSP member, Justine Jueco. 

Readers should seriously consider donating to PADS. Even after the annual drive is over, there are plenty of ways to donate to the charity found on their website,