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First In Thirst


Whatever happened to simply walking over to the faucet and getting a drink? The only statement made at that time was that you were thirsty. Today, the cup you use to drink can say as much about you as what you are drinking. With the millions of water bottle brands and the added pressure to buy the trending one, choosing a water bottle can be hard. It is also hard to tell what brands are trustworthy or what ones are worth the price. Some Grayslake Central Staff and students told Rampage why they purchased their water bottle and how well it serves its purpose.

Stanley H2.0 Flowstate Quencher Tumbler

Price: $45

Special education teacher Nella Sanders took part in purchasing the trending Stanley water bottle. Sanders has noticed pressure to purchase the now-famous water bottle and was personally influenced by a coworker. “Ms. Edwards had one and it looks cool,” said Sanders. The Stanley is well known, but does it do its job? Sanders said, “It doesn’t stay as cold as my Yeti or my Hydroflask does.” The decision to buy a water bottle has recently become based on the brand, rather than the quality.




Yukon Outfitter Buc-ee’s 30oz Tumbler

Price: $25


Social studies teacher Dustin Cherico uses the Yukon Outfitters water bottle to stay hydrated. For him, the brand does not matter. The Buc-ees Beaver on the front makes him happy and the water bottle holds more than just water. Cherico remembers flying down to see his son who attends the University of Alabama. On their way to the Iron Bowl, “we went to Buc-ees in Alabama, [and] I bought the water bottle there and then went to the game and Alabama won – roll tide!” said Cherico. Every time Cherico takes a sip out of his lucky water bottle, he is reminded of his favorite place – Buc-ees.


Yeti Rambler Mug Straw

Price: $42

This Yeti has been a part of freshman Lillian Murphy’s family for years. Murphy and her family have always been loyal to Yeti and Murphy even said, “we are a Yeti Family.” For how long she has had her water bottle, Murphy loves that it can stay cold for over 24 hours.


24 oz Standard Mouth Hydroflask

Price: $27

Carito Parra purchased her baby blue water bottle for a great deal on Black Friday in 2022. When asked what the most important part of a water bottle is, Parra said “definitely durability, especially like if some people like to put stickers on it, it has to go through the washing machine and also to make sure it doesn’t leak.” Parra recommends the Hydroflask because the classic twist on the lid makes it safe from any leaking.



Thermoflask Bottle with Spout Lid

Price: $28

Sophomore Gabriela Szwed has owned this Thermoflask water bottle for over three years and has grown to build a bond with it. Szwed explained that the job of a water bottle is to keep it cold and that’s all. However, this water bottle causes Szwed some issues, “when I drink it like suctions my mouth, and when I drink it makes a noise,” said Szwed. Despite the annoying noise, Szwed gives this water bottle an 8/10.







All of these students and staff members have different values and preferences when it comes to choosing their water bottles. This shows us that social media can impact not only what we put in our body, but even the way we put it in our body. Picking the perfect water bottle is harder than many believe when we have so many choices and so many opinions about those choices. So, if it feels too overwhelming for you, feel free to grab a glass from the cabinet and fill it with tap water. Just keep hydrated!


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