Coach Ridella on the Lacrosse Season


Senior Luke Butuvilas, midfielder for Grayslake Central, takes the ball down the field against Wauconda on April 12, 2023. Photo provided by Daniel Laubhan

Nathan Heun, Staff Reporter

The lacrosse team at Grayslake Central High School  has a lot of new faces this year, which can be challenging for a coach.  It is the role of the coach to allocate the skills of all players, both old and new. 

GCHS lacrosse coach Chris Ridella has been hard at work figuring out how to best use his players and their assets. “We have only been able to play one game so far this season, so are still working to find out how players react in game situations.  There has been a lot of work put in and we have a lot of new players who have been stepping up to fill into gaps left by graduation,” Ridella said. 

Ridella wants his players to improve “and gain experience as team players.” Ridella  said he wants to ensure his players are “having the opportunity to work with student athletes to help develop their leadership skills and have them learn how to be a part of and contribute to a team.” 

It’s clear that the culture of Grayslake Central’s lacrosse team is one of togetherness. Ridella wants his team to be successful and work well together. “Lacrosse, being a team sport, the players are united with a common purpose on the field which requires them to work together to be successful,” he said. With lots of new faces, the Central lacrosse team has a current record of 1-8.