Shows That Deserved Another Season

Shows Netflix Cut Too Short


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Netflix puts “Season 2 Coming 5000” under discontinued series, The Society.

Leila Sheffey, Staff Reporter

Netflix is a popular streaming platform when it comes to the entertainment industry. It’s home to some of the most engaging shows and movies out there, and is used globally by over 232 million paid subscribers. Netflix has made award-winning and high-quality content that has resulted in a great reputation. However, with the cancellation and discontinuation of certain shows, it’s added a couple of dents to its name and track record.

When you think of discontinued Netflix shows, the first show that comes to mind is “The Society.” This show had its audience on their toes, as it followed a group of teenagers who found themselves in a mysterious, empty version of their populated town. It was intriguing to see how they were going to navigate surviving and figuring out where and why everyone disappeared. Even with its popularity being big and critics loving it. On Rotten Tomatoes, two of the top critics said that “At a certain point the drama does get addictive, as the show eventually reveals what it’s really about: a grim reckoning with the fact that these teens have had to grow up too fast” which was said by Liz Miller. The other review written by Lucy Mangan said, “All of this and more makes for a brilliantly average, perfectly imperfect show for bouncing teens, cankered fortysomethings and nothing in between. A joy.” Despite this positive reception, Netflix canceled it after only one season, leaving the plot on a cliffhanger. When the news of its cancellation went public, the internet went crazy. Petitions to bring the show back were everywhere, garnering mass signatures. One petition on titled “Renew the Society” racked up 143,763 people signatures, still growing by the day. It made such a big impact that Netflix themselves trolled and wrote “Season 2 Coming 5000,” even though bringing it back was not something they were planning to do. 

Another show titled “I Am Not Okay With This,” left fans upset over its cancellation as well. Senior Paulina Pukel, was one of the many fans disappointed in its failure to renew. “It was so good…I hate that they canceled it…I just remember that I really liked it and was [upset] when they canceled it,” Pukel said. The show was about a teenage girl navigating the challenges of high school and dealing with the difficulties of her family, sexuality, and her new superpowers. It was a story that many teens related to, and now those same teens are left to imagine the conclusions and the closure that wasn’t given. 

“Julie and The Phantoms” is one show people on Twitter were raving about. With the release of the first season, it left fans hooked and loving different characters for many different reasons. The show centers around a girl named Julie who finds a strong passion for music, alongside a teen boyband called The Phantoms, who have been dead for 25 years. With its interesting plot, fans were fascinated and left wanting more. On Twitter, user @vicpedrettisgf said “I love [Julie and The Phantoms]. I love the friends I’ve made from it. I love the comfort and happiness the show brought me. Let’s just continue to support the cast as much as we can.” Netflix disappointed fans once again by discontinuing the show, despite this never-ending love the show received. User @bocasmaries tweeted “Netflix’s biggest mistake was canceling Julie and The Phantoms and The Society” and another user @BreannaHBenoit said, “I will never forgive them for canceling Julie and the Phantoms.”  Junior Ella Halverson said that “Julie and the Phantoms is a really good show. It was heartfelt. It was quirky…I think the actors did phenomenal, especially the love interest.”

These are just a few fan favorites and critically acclaimed shows that were put to an end way too soon. Hopefully, Netflix will one day reconsider these shows and give more shows another chance to show their potential.