Science Olympiad Goes to State

A small insight of how Grayslake Central’s Cabot Postol did during regionals as well as some parting words from Sponsor Hayden Beattie.


Cayla Pierce, Staff Reporter

Regionals have come and gone for Grayslake Central’s Science Olympiad team who have successfully won 2nd place by winning tie-breakers against Lake Forest Academy. Their victory led the team to state on April 22, 2023, at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. According to Hayden Beattie, one of Science Olympiad sponsors, in reference to regionals said, “I think it’s one of the better finishes we’ve had lately.”

Cabot Postol, one of the three captains of the team, won four medals, one in each 1st through 4th place. Postol expressed his excitement about going to state, saying, “We haven’t been able to go in person the last couple of years. So this year, we actually get to go, and that’s the part I’m most excited about.” Postol has made it to state 6 times. For state, Postol said “It’s a bit different because, with regionals, your goal is to do as well as possible in every event so that you can have your team do well enough that you can make it to state. The state competition itself you can be a bit more strategic and put your time and energy into the events you think you have the greatest chance of success.”

Beattie says Central’s Science Olympiad team has made it to state “the majority of the last ten years. The kids all have a really nice kind of routine for how to train the younger underclassmen for leadership roles, and how to kind of teach kids [in] these events as they come in, year in year out.” Beattie then went on to say, “There’s a few events that were really, really good and I hope to see a few of those good events [win] medals.”

Beattie also expressed that he was proud of the team. “I’m really proud of the kids. They’re a good group of kids. They work hard. They support each other. When we go to competitions and for the  award ceremonies this team [is] always supportive of other schools. They engage in the fun activities [there] like a trivia or a talent show and all of our kids likes to clap and support every single person that goes up there”