Central Students Look Forward To Break

What students in GCHS do during spring break, and things going on in the community

Trinity Kellogg, Staff Reporter

Spring break at Grayslake Central is just around the corner. Central’s spring break will take place from March 27th to March 31st. There’s a plethora of activities to do with the time granted by a break from school. A Grayslake Central senior who preferred to be anonymous said you can find them “relaxing and reading a book” during spring break. Students commonly find spring break to be relaxing and take the time to do activities they enjoy outside of school. Traveling can sometimes be a tradition for people during spring break. During spring break people break out the festivities by going outside, having picnics with friends, going to parks, and morning walks with friends or pets.  Many students love to travel to warmer places,  while others stay local and spend their time with friends and family. Spring break is the perfect time for family and friends to bond and develop a closer connection.

Most students spend their break hanging out with their close friends and sleeping in. Spending bonding time is a great way to spend break like at the Grayslake Public Library’s Community Art Fair from March 1st- March 31st where you can view art that is displayed across the entire building made by our local schools, including GCHS and the Grayslake Library Staff.  While some people spend their time catching up on sleep, Junior Joey Kahn says he’ll be spending his time at “football camp.” A lot of students think that spring break should be longer because it gives them time to focus on themselves and spend time with those they love. Although an extended spring break would result in school running longer in the summer, students are fond of the break and do wish it was longer. Some students have a tradition they do every year. One student even says spring break is the perfect time to start going to the beach and making a splash with their friends while others like to travel to see family or friends in warmer areas.