Galentine’s Day: Fiction to Tradition

Galentine’s Day is an official holiday for women and their friends.


Jennifer Ramirez

A Local Galentine’s Day celebration

Violet Rowe, Staff Reporter

Many people have taken back control of this day and no longer make it dependent on a romantic partner but have repurposed the holiday to focus on non-romantic relationships, like friendships. “Galentine’s Day,” a play on the infamous holiday was originally seen in an episode of the television show “Parks and Rec” and has taken off in the last few years. In season two of “Parks and Rec,” the character Leslie Knope describes her Galentine’s Day. “Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast style.”

   While Valentine’s Day traditions can be romantic and fun, Galentine’s Day is the best way to celebrate your female friendships. Galentine’s Day is not an official holiday, but many argue it should be. You may think Galentine’s Day is just pink decorations and heart shaped waffles, but it has a deeper meaning to many. With all of the focus on relationships around February we can forget how important our friendships are with our best friends.

   One way to celebrate Galentine’s Day is to enjoy a brunch with your close friends. Jennifer Ramirez, founder and executive director of nonprofit organization “&Rise,” hosts a yearly Galentine’s Day brunch for women. Ramirez said that ”[w]e wanted to bring women something fun and unique that they can do with their girlfriends or female family members.” Ramirez believes “Galentine’s is a day where women come together to learn about self love and doing something nice for themselves and each other.” At the upcoming fourth annual Galentine’s Day Brunch attendees will hear from speakers including Ramirez herself who discuss the importance of self care along with themed activities. Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to remember to care for yourself as well. 

   Kristen Hicks, is a travel agent for “Perfect View Getaways” and is hosting a Galentine’s Day Brunch on February 4th, 2023 in Lansing, Illinois. This is Hicks first time hosting this brunch and she decided to hold it in her hometown. Of course, Hicks is looking to branch out of Illinois for events. Hicks agrees that Galentine’s Day should be an official holiday and that it should be as important as Valentine’s Day. Hicks explained “[w]e focus so much, you know, on our romantic friendships, we really need to nurture and pour into you know, our girlfriends…” 

   Hicks thinks Galentines should be a holiday because “friendships fall on the back burner, and we just want to make sure that, you know, we shed some light on friendships and how important it is.” Hicks’ take on Galentine’s makes it clear that it is just as important to keep your friendships healthy along with your relationships. 

   By going to a brunch and celebrating those close to you allow you to make new memories with your friends but, Ramirez and Hicks finds Galintine’s Day can be a good opportunity to promote business owned by women. “For this event, I was allowing business owners to bring their business cards as well as a sample of their product,” says Hicks. There is also time at these events to find out about new business and make new friends.“Hopefully you can find someone to share the same interest as you there and… leave with some new friends.” Hicks explains “[t]he most important part about Galentine’s Day is coming together with other women and supporting one another.” 

   While it would be great if you could join in on the events put together by Ramirez or Hicks, in the end it is important to remember to let everyone know their value to you. While a great Valentine’s Day will be memorable, having your friends close by and celebrating them with a Galentine’s Day event may be more important to your piece of mind.