GCHS Soccer: The Legacy Continues

“You just got to enjoy the moment because it’s not going to last forever,” sophomore Prince Trawick says.


Photo provided by GCHS Soccer Program Instagram

After their second day of state against Chicago Solorio Academy on Saturday team show off their third place trophy.

Alexandra de la Mora, Opinion Editor

The GCHS boys soccer team has created a phenomenal legacy, going back-to-back for two years in a row as state qualifiers. 

This year, the boys’ soccer team faced multiple challenges as some of their players experienced injuries. Despite this, as head coach Keith Andersson explains, “They didn’t put their heads down. Resilience is a big thing because they stepped up every time there was an injury and stepped into a role to help out and to continue us going further. To see Alan, Lucas, Cameron [along with the rest of the seniors] step up as leaders, it was a big support system for everyone.” 

The team’s resilience through unexpected circumstances made this year’s team, “The first team in Grayslake Central’s history for soccer to go to state [back-to-back, going beyond] regionals, sectionals and super sectionals,” as senior Cameron Paul recounts. Paul also mentioned how much toughness this year’s team had, seeing how “We lost a lot of players, but even with those losses, we persevered through them and kept playing and winning each game.”

Senior Captain Alan Alonso explained that going back to state, “felt good because the first year people thought it was a Cinderella run, but coming back to state for a second time was a statement that we are a good team.”

Andersson added “[I told the team] we need to prove a point why we deserve to be here and show them. Then they came out and scored four goals and got third place.” 

“I was pretty pumped up. I felt as a team we were better than we were last year. Being a senior and going to state. I felt excited,” Alonso explained as he described his emotions on the first day of state. “I didn’t want fourth place, I wanted third. So that’s the mentality I came in [with].”

Although the team faced some challenges during both days at state, sophomore Prince Trawick said the hardest part for him was the pressure of everyone watching and the other school rooting against the team. “You just got to enjoy the moment because it’s not going to last forever,” Trawick says.

As this season came to a close, Coach Andersson’s expectation for the returning players and new players is to work hard during the summertime so they can come back to state once again next year. “We have a good group coming back [with] Nick Molochnikov, Mitchell Fein and Damien Sereno. They’re an amazing talent,” Andersson said. 

When the players were asked what they took away from the season and what their advice is for the incoming underclassman, Trawick tells underclassmen to not “Get in your own head… Just have fun…and listen to the captains and coaches. They’ve been there the longest.”

“It’s not just one player who determines the whole team. It is the team itself. There [were] a lot of players who had to step up…and work hard for it, it’s not going to be given to you,” Alonso explained. 

“Think about how far we’ve made it before and [use that motivation] to push them to play better for next season,” Paul finishes.