Ice cream sampling recommendation

Experience great flavors at Whitey’s!


Check out Whitey’s store in Davenport Iowa. The ice cream there is fantastic and worth a try!

Benjamin Terronez, Staff Reporter

This summer there are a many places to travel and many things to do, one of the highly recommended activities is having ice cream from Whitey’s, an ice cream shop in the Quad Cities. Whitey’s has a variety of flavors that come highly recommended; here are three favorites to try!

First of all is a favorite flavor of ice cream that is offered at Whitey’s is called Graham Central Station. The flavor is derived from graham crackers and has graham cracker pieces in it. It’s a great blend of textures and flavors that are delicious. The graham crackers are made to be swirled in, and in every bite, the crumbly textures of the cracker mix with the creamy texture of the ice cream, and they compliment each other so well. The ice cream itself is graham cracker flavored, so not a single bite goes by without that flavor. For anyone who enjoys graham crackers, this flavor is one for you.

Another great flavor uses the graham cracker flavored ice cream, is called Sgt. Camo; it’s essentially a s’mores flavored ice cream. It uses the graham cracker flavored ice cream, but it also has chocolate and marshmallow flavored ice cream in it with fudge swirls. This flavor in particular is great in more ways than the flavor because all the proceeds from this flavor get sent to veterans, hence the name Sgt. Camo. The only complaint with this flavor is that the flavors themselves are separate in the container, so it’s sometimes difficult to actually get a s’mores bite, but the flavors themselves are good, so it is worth a try.

Following those two absolutely fantastic flavors comes White Tiger Paw.  A vanilla based ice cream with fudge swirled throughout it with Oreo cookie pieces can be only described in one word, immaculate. The fudge blends with the Oreo so well, and it’s all culminated in the ice cream to make a truly delicious flavor. The name of this flavor comes from the appearance; when it’s in scoop form, it has stripes like a tiger and the vanilla makes it white. Be sure to try it this summer.