Shoe resale rises

Need a new way to earn money?


Check out a rare pair of Jordans that came with a verified certificate from a world wide sneaker site called GOAT. GOAT is an up and coming shoe selling website that started in 2015. Even though it wasn’t the first website of its kind, it’s a very respected and trusted source for shoe resale. Photo by Brody Markus

Brody Markus, Staff Reporter

Buying and reselling shoes is the new way to flip your money.  People are used to the car restorations and house flips, but why put all that time and money when you could buy a pair of shoes?  People everyday are buying shoes, sometimes never even seeing them, and are turning them around for two, sometimes four times the amount they got them for.  Exclusive shoes with high demand can range anywhere from thousands to hundred of thousands.  Your parents’ basketball shoes, or even daily beaters they still have in the basement could be a diamond in the rough.   

With flipping shoes, there are many routes one can take.  Most people buy collectible or exclusive shoes on their release date and resell them to someone that wasn’t the select few to get them.  The risk factor to that is you’ll never know the true number it will resell for; you can only predict it.  The reason your exclusive shoe is worth more money is based on the demand, but that in itself is in a list of things you need to take into consideration.  Things like what the shoe is connected to, maybe its a pair of Jordans called The Flu Games, which was a certain color way of the first Jordans Michael Jordan designed, and he happened to play game five of the NBA playoffs wearing the shoes  and won.  Or maybe the shoe was designed by some famous artist, that will cause the price to double even sometimes triple the price. Really just staying in the loop and trying to learn the shoe community will help you know what the buyers want because things like sizing, style, and age play a big factor in what someone will pay.  

Getting started in shoe reselling is easy, but you need to take your time if you want to see positive results. First thing you need to do before you even start looking for shoes is set a budget, once setting a budget you can get to researching. When looking for your first pair of shoes, you’ll have to keep up to date on release dates, what shoes are hot, and where they are being sold, so you have the best chance of getting them. Once you find your shoe and you know when it’s going to release, it’s time to prepare. It’s recommended to have as many devices as possible so you have a better chance of getting in the selling room. Refresh the page and keep refreshing on the drop times. It’s smart that you make an account off whatever website you’re on with all your shipping info and credit card information, so it makes the checkout process faster.  

Another technique would be to search online for people sleeping beaten up old Jordans or collectible shoes and price them low.  This is a great market because you can make 10x the amount you paid just with a little time and effort to restore them.  

Once you finally wait for the shoes to come in, you’ll have to find somewhere to sell them and it’s as easy as it sounds.  If someone around you wants them and you can agree on a good price where you see profit, there you go; you’ve successfully resold a pair of shoes.  But most likely this isn’t the case, so we will have to resort to the internet.  Just like if you were to sell anything else, resale sites like eBay, Facebook, Offer Up are all good sites to use to find someone in the area.  If this doesn’t work, there are tons of shoe sites that will sell your shoes for you, but these take a small portion off your profits. Sites like GOAT, Stockx, and Stadium Goods are all well-known, trustworthy sites to buy and sell shoes from. 

Once you find a buyer, you have successfully flipped a pair of shoes!  All in all, reselling shoes is just like investing in anything else, as long as you put in the time and stay consistent, you’ll see positive profit gain.