Orchesis provides creative outlet

Dancers participate in orchesis as a way to express themselves and have fun at school.


Ana Boucek

Orchesis, the long-running dance club at Central, provides an outlet for many student dancers. Two years ago, senior Ana Boucek (right) danced with the club and is in her fourth year performing with orchesis. “It is something that I love doing. I once had a small break of not doing any dance, and I hated that. And I realized how much I loved it and had a good time doing it. And I can’t really see myself not doing it. It’s a passion,” said Boucek.

Faith Romberger, Staff Reporter

Throughout the years, dancers continue to express themselves in a club called orchesis. In orchesis, dancers create pieces of art through movement for their spring showcase, which is taking place this year on April 30 and May 1.

“It’s a way for them to express their artistic talent through dance,” orchesis sponsor Amber Jones said. It’s a way for students to use past and life experiences and create dance by letting the students choreograph most of the dances. 

Orchesis has been around at Central since 2005. “The main reason I started it was for all of the studio dancers, kids that dance at a dance studio… who wanted to be a part of something at school,”  Jones explained. Orchesis works around studio dancers’ schedules in order to give them a chance to be involved at school and as a chance to share their “fully artistic and beautiful” dances without having to compete, according to Jones. 

There is a lot more that goes into orchesis than just the dancers and choreographers. Some students that are in orchesis help with the stage crew and make sure everything is going smoothly backstage. 

“I do have some kids that have never really danced before who come out their freshman year, and some kids will give up… But then I’ll have other kids that really do that and really want to be a part of something, so they try really hard. And if they still don’t catch on, or remember the routines, then they’ll still be part of orcheses and do other [things], like get costumes ready or help backstage during the show, just so that there’s still a part of orchesis,” Jones said. 

Orchesis includes many different styles like jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, and Bollywood. Orchesis welcomes all students freshmen through seniors.

Senior orchesis dancer Ana Boucek has been doing dance all her life and loves being able to be on stage and do the thing that she loves most. Dance allows her to let go by listening to many different genres of music and create art through movement.  

“It is something that I love doing. I once had a small break of not doing any dance, and I hated that. And I realized that with dance, how much I loved it and had such a good time doing it. And I can’t really see myself not doing it… and so, it’s a passion,” Boucek said.