Students find ways to spend spring break

A few ways for GCHS students to safely spend spring break while still having fun.


Faith Romberger

A Paint-by-Number kit is an activity that is fun for everyone to do with the whole family during spring break. Paint-by-Number kits can be purchased for as low as just $5 at Michaels.

Faith Romberger, Staff Reporter

With GCHS spring break coming up from March 22-26 and changing plans due to the pandemic, there are many fun activities to do while staying at home. Check out these recommendations for enjoying spring break locally this year!

Netflix has many interesting series out, including the Netflix original Heartland. Heartland is a series about a family-owned barn and a young lady named Amy who help troubled horses after losing her mom to an accident. It is a combination of romance, comedy, and has a lot of heart. Another Netflix show that is very fun to watch is Cake Wars. It’s a show where four bakers face off to have their cake featured in a very special event as well as win a prize of $10,000. This show may even inspire some baking over break too!

Speaking of baking, if you have a sweet tooth, try new recipes when baking or cooking, like cake recipes or something you have never tried before. You can even try making fun beverages like smoothies or shakes. One fun recipe that is sweet, but also healthy, is a fruit bowl. All you need is your favorite frozen fruit, yogurt, and a blender. For something on the sugary side, you can try making cookies or something new from the internet. 

 Another way to spend your spring break is to rearrange or remodel your room, including organizing and painting different parts of the house. When it comes to organizing rooms in your house, you can go item by item in different areas in your home. You can make piles for each category: A pile for Goodwill, sell, keep, garbage, so each item is in its own place.  Another way to organize is to grab some bins and go through your closet and drawers so you can sell clothes that don’t fit or don’t wear anymore. This can be a great way to save money for college as well as get yourself organized. 

Next, how about you do some arts and crafts? You can go to the store and buy arts and crafts supplies.  You can get paint of your choice and even do fun patterns to paint your room. Paint-by-number kits have recently gained popularity–try one of those. Paint-by-number kits can come in a variety of different pictures to paint. You can get brushes and all the supplies you need from pretty much any store, such as Amazon, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. 

Lastly, if you’re still dying to get outside the house, there are still things to do like going to grab some food from Twisted Burger. Twisted Burger is a restaurant in downtown Grayslake with indoor seating that serves shakes, delicious burgers, and a ton of different side dishes to crave.  If you want to catch some fresh air by going outside and getting exercise and having fun, go tubing and skiing at Wilmont. Wilmont is located in Wisconsin and is only a short 32-minute drive from Grayslake. 

With many recommendations and ideas for spring break, there are still ways to have fun while staying safe while wearing a mask or staying home. RAMPAGE is wishing you a fun-filled spring break spent with family and friends.