Girls’ golf places 4th in NLCC Conference Championship

Learn about the girls’ golf achievements this season.


Photo provided by Tom New

Girls’ golf poses for a group photo on the course.

Maia AlBarrak, Sports & Opinion Editor


Girls golf finished their season strong with placing 4th in the NLCC Conference Championship, qualifying six players to play at the regional tournament. At regionals on Oct. 7, Alex Mcgowen placed 14th, Kathryn Morris placed 15th, and Makayla Campbell placed 16th. 

While not having any thought of how the season might look, Alex Mcgowen still managed to improve and get some of her best scores yet. “My biggest accomplishment was breaking 100 at regionals. I’ve also had my best score ever for 9, on 49. So, breaking 100 and getting 99 was still amazing for me, even if it was 1 stroke away,” Mcgowen explained. 

While facing some setbacks, the girls were able to push them aside and focus on improving themselves and bring new skills to the table. Current events, like COVID-19, took a toll on most sports and athletes, but the girls didn’t let that stand in their way.

“The biggest accomplishment this year was successfully completing the entire season while dealing with the COVID circumstances. Our girls did a phenomenal job following the health guidelines, and thus, we were able to complete our season without any setbacks or issues. HUGE SUCCESS!” enthusiastically explained assistant girls golf coach Brett Kay.

This year more girls joined golf than ever. With 28 girls joining this season, both coaches, Tom New, the girls’ golf head coach, and Kay were unsure of how many matches the girls would be able to play, but the girls were all given the opportunity to play more matches than they expected, which brought excitement through the whole team. 

“At the beginning of the season, we thought that if we could get each of the 28 girls to play in at least two matches, that would have been a success. When it was all said and done, we got every girl on our team to play in four-plus matches, which was great!” states Kay. 

New and returning girls on the team were able to prove themselves by their dedication and hard work.

“We definitely saw girls’ scores drop substantially, and that’s a testament to their hard work and commitment to getting better. That’s all we can ask for as coaches!” said Kay.