PSP collects gifts for PADS

PSP (Public Service Practicum) collects gifts to give to children at PADS for the winter season.


Nathan Cashmore and Aaron Lieberman collecting donations.

Jacqueline Schlemm, Staff Reporter

From Nov. 7 to 26, PSP (Public Service Practicum) hosts the 7th annual gift drive to prepare for the Santa event at the Public Action to Deliver Shelter, commonly known as PADS, on Dec. 9.

PSP was able to collect $500 and about 200 clothing items.

PADS explains on their website that their “greatest hope is to help end homelessness and ensure happy, healthy, and safe lives for generations to come.”

Senior PSP members, like Aaron Lieberman and Nathan Cashmore, and the community in Grayslake, come up with ways to support this organization.

These ways include the gift drive, which is held in order to collect and donate items like hats, gloves, coats, school supplies, and other donations that would bring joy to a child.

With the weather change, donations like these provide warmth during the winter season.

“Our goal with this project is to change the day to day routine of the PADS shelter because their day to day routine is something that is very scheduled and not a lot of time for fun for the kids,” says Cashmore.

There are donation boxes and envelopes in most classes to make it easy for any student or staff member to donate.

All donations are given to PADS on Dec.9 to ensure the kids and families at the shelter are able to celebrate the holiday with presents.

Lieberman adds, “We do it so we can give back to our community. There’s a lot of kids here who get to experience a good Christmas, but there’s also a lot of kids in Lake County that don’t get to experience that. So, we really want to give that experience to them and let them feel that excitement that we get to feel.”

The goal is to have enough money for quality gifts to give children at the shelters.

“[The gift drive] brings the community together. I think having one cause to donate and just knowing that you are doing something good just really brings a school together,” says Lieberman.