Hunt for the Cure funds cancer research

6th annual Hunt for the Cure takes place


The winning team, Team Joe, strikes a victory pose.

Jacqueline Schlemm, Staff Reporter

This year, Public Service Practicum (PSP) raised $2,800 from Hunt for the Cure and $7,000 overall from Gold Week. The annual Hunt for the Cure event raises money to donate to Cal’s Angels, a pediatric cancer foundation that funds research for children with cancer along with many other forms of awareness and support.

PSP, which is a class offered to juniors and seniors, hosts the challenge. The theme of this year’s obstacle course is Prison Break. PSP members explain that the teams have to complete multiple difficult challenges and obstacles that make students think hard, in order to get to the final challenge.

This year’s winning team is Team Joe. This team consists of seniors, Taylor Pribyl, Nick Bean, Elizabeth Boos, Avery Nims, Lauryn Cartee, Sarah Chiappetta, Corinne Heidloff, and Trevor Friedl.

Hunt for the Cure is all about raising awareness and fundraising for childhood cancer.

“It gets students to all work together and knowing that they are donating to childhood cancer research helps students to want to stay involved,” explains PSP organizer Bella Adkins.

Another PSP organizer, Bella Dinkel also agrees with this. “It impacts GCHS students because they are doing a good cause for the community and when they see that they are doing that, it’s going to make them want to do more,” Dinkel mentions.

PSP agrees that this event is a success as a way of students coming together and helping others in the community.

“I thought it was the best one that they have done in a really long time. [From doing this] sophomore and junior year, I definitely thought it was a step up from those two,” explains winning team member Bean.