Mario Kart Tour sweeps phones

Mario Kart Tour is finally released for phones and its not what you may expect!

Jakob Killian, Sports Editor

A new mobile game has swept across the nation bringing in players from all over. The new game is Mario Kart Tour. Mario Kart Tour features all the classic Mario characters racing in various Grand Prix tracks. 

For the first week of the game, with the release date on Sept. 25, anywhere you looked you would see at least one student playing this game. People couldn’t stop talking about it. Now as the game is more than a month old, we can’t help but realize that it is already leaving the screens of so many users.

Mario Kart Tour did a great job hyping up to the day it was released, with over 10 million downloads. With so many features, people were excited about what was to come. The return of the favorite Mario characters entering their phones, for free, hyped many students.  But quickly, we saw that many things were locked and the game quickly turned into a pay to win game.

Many students played until they were basically forced to stop because they would have to wait sometimes more than a day to play the next level. With this large amount of time many had, they quickly found other things to do in the game, like challenges that could help unlock more features in the game. But that can only hold one’s attention for so long. 

The game has lots of potential to be a fun and long-lasting entertaining game, but Nintendo just hasn’t reached that point yet. 

Nintendo promised a multiplayer option of the game, but this option wasn’t even released yet on the original download. This desired feature is still not even available for players, turning many away from the game.

The overall rating that Mario Kart Tour deserves is a 6 out of 10. Nintendo did a great job advertising for the game, and they are quick on getting updates out with many new aspects being added like characters. But the game still lacks the ability to keep many people hooked and talking about it. If Nintendo looks into what their problems are–pay to play, having to wait, no multiplayer–they can make Mario Kart Tour an enjoyable and addictive game.