Volleyball faces playoff season

Girls varsity volleyball team faces upcoming playoff season


Volleyball team spends time together at the window painting event during their season.

Francesca Gosewisch, Staff Reporter

The girls varsity volleyball team is currently at a 13-20 record as of Oct. 15.

According to Coach Basierak, the team continues to improve. The volleyball team will be attending IHSA Regionals on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at Carmel Catholic High School.

Coach Basierak, the new girls varsity volleyball coach, sees the girls grow. Basierak states that, “they do a good job of being friends outside of volleyball…they started to communicate more
on the floor. Our captains have been doing a really good job with communicating with their team and on the court. That’s helping us come together a lot better now,” Coach Basierak states.

Since the team consists of many experienced players, seniors also witness this growth. Senior, Emma Guenther, a player, states that, “I try to be positive when I play. I think it’s always nice to know people still support you even if you make a mistake.”

According to Guenther, she also believes that the bond within the team has become stronger, whether they play together or not. “We play more cohesive now, which we lacked in the beginning of the season. We have grown to play more as a team instead of six individuals.” Guenther says.

The overall growth of the team has improved from the beginning of the season and everyone is excited to see where playoffs will take them, according to Guenther.