Golf wins conference tournaments

Golf exceeds expectations and continues to excel


Brett Kay

Girls Golf posing with the conference championship trophy.

Jakob Killian, Sports Editor

Boys golf finishes their season with a 9-1 record and winning the NLCC Conference Championship. “They played very good in dual meets this year in our conference and as far as tournaments, they played well. We just go in very tough tournaments,” states Coach Jim Mazzetta.

One of the goals that the team set for themselves was winning the conference tournament. They also wanted regionals but weren’t quite able to get that win. They didn’t go to regionals as a team, but they did have four individuals that went to the regional tournament.

“The conference tournament was a very big win and we won by so many shots [that] it was even bigger,” Mazzetta says.

Heading into the off-season Mazzetta has programs set up for the team to keep them playing while they aren’t out on the course, such as camps over the summer and junior golf programs keeping them competitive.

The girl’s golf team finishes their season winning the conference championship, with it being their first year ever being a conference sport. Brett Kay, the assistant coach for girls golf, states that “one of the big things for this year that stood out was the amount of four-year golfers that we had on our team that had started and were beginner golfers their freshman year. [They] ended up pulling through, and having some really nice scores at the end of their senior year.”

Being a co-op team with North and Central brings many skills from both schools and also brings good team chemistry. “I don’t even think they notice they are from a different school,” states Kay because they have really good team chemistry.

Kay states that senior leadership was one of their major strengths. “When you have girls that participate for years, like any other sport, when you have people buy-in and participate for the full length of their high school career, it naturally makes the team easier to coach.”