Girls Volleyball


Jakob Killian, Sports Editor

Varsity girls volleyball is currently sitting at an 8-16 record and has a goal set to win over
20 games. With coach Basierak stepping on the court to help out the team, there have been some changes.

“We’ve had a slower start, but
I think now that we’re getting the hang of things and we’re playing more together I think the rest of the season should be a good one,” head coach Klaudia Basierak says.

According to Basierak, one thing that the team is trying to improve on is to stay mentally focused and take mental breaks during their matches.

When asked what one of their biggest strengths is as a team, Basierak explained “the team chemistry is there, they are all pretty good friends.”

Personal goals have also been set among the players too. Senior Taylor Hindman, a player on the team, states that “One personal goal I have set for myself this season is to really step up as a leader and to always be there for my teammates.”

According to Hindman, the team has lost a lot of key players from last year’s team, which is why she is striving to be there for her teammates and help them when they are not confident in their playing.

“This year I learned how to step up for my team when they need me, whether it is on or off of the court, and really focus on becoming a [leader] within our program,” Hindman says.

Hindman explains how building relationships with the team is her favorite part of the sport. “Being able to play next to your best friends in a hard match is probably one of the best experiences.”