Freshman offer differing opinions

Over 50 Freshman have given us their opinions through a Google Poll.

Caden Moe & Isaiah Mendez, Opinion Editor & Design Editor

With every new year comes a new batch of freshmen. I’m sure many of them are nervous, excited, or a combination of the two. Many of us can attest that there are a wide variety of feelings that freshmen have about high school. What follows is a small glimpse of just some of these opinions.

The most popular individual class among freshmen this year is science, closely followed by history. Some other favorites include Encore!, woodworking, choir, 3D modeling, and debate team.






Many freshmen have been having trouble with the workload provided by high school, homework in particular. Others struggle with classes such as world history and gym, time managment, and tests.




More than half of the students who took the poll said they were most excited for either a club (such as band and Science Olympiad) or a sport (including football and track).




Based on the 1-10 scales, most freshmen have been enjoying high school overall, with averages of around 7.5 across the board.