New policies implemented this year

Introducing and reminding new polices to keep in mind

Jakob Killian, Sports Editor

Dress Code:

Students can now wear hats and a variety of clothing options.

Dean Corey Schwalb states that “we want to give students the opportunity to express themselves with the academic process.”

ID and Lanyard Rule:

Students now wear their IDs around their necks at all times. The rule has been a gradual progression from last year, when students just needed to have the ID holder tucked away in a backpack while the lanyard was visible.

Schwalb also states, “We can’t possibly know everyone. Having this lanyard and your ID is a really simple way to know this student

or this individual belongs in the school… it’s a simple safety measure.”

Students need their IDs for purposes around the school, including buying items at the book- store, getting into the library, and free admission for football games.

Rewards are now also being given to students for wearing their IDs.

GCHS partnered up with local businesses–Taco Bell, Subway, Jersey Mikes, Chipotle, and Dunkin Donuts–to provide these rewards to students.

Schwalb states, “You need your ID; why not have it visible?”