Senior assassin game continues in 2019

Insider on what goes on during senior assassin.

Kim Torres, Staff reporter

Most high school students cannot wait to be seniors to finally graduate and begin a new start, whether it’s going to college or working. But there’s more than just the anticipation for life after high school that comes with being a senior.

Students get to finally participate in all the senior activities that go on at GCHS, such as the ABC countdown dress up days, college visits, and the infamous, off-campus senior assassin tradition. 

Senior assassin is a game, where only seniors participate, and use water guns to eliminate their targets. Whoever is the last person in wins the grand prize of $600. 

“[The rules] are they have to be in safe zones. Basically you can’t get anyone out while in school, [or] at work…even if they are watching an athletic event [at school],” said senior Brendan Kick, who is in charge of senior assassin for the class of 2019. 

“I know a few people who camped outside of people’s houses and followed them home. Some people have a list of who other people have, like a spreadsheet. It gets pretty intense”. 

Students who participate tend to really enjoy this game. Everyone finds their own ways to play the game. 

“I got my target out but no one has tried to get me yet. It’s actually not that hard to get people out”, said senior Megan Fletcher. 

Senior assassin has been going on since the end of March and is still continuing. 

“Last year, senior assassin started a week before [this year], and the [game] ended around the month of August. It goes on for quite a while,” said Kick. 

Since the selections are at random, students can get anyone who’s playing. 

“You can lose friendships over this game because friends can be your target. The feeling you get when you’re about to get people out is like when you’re about to get on a roller coaster. You never know how they’ll react,” said Fletcher. 

Since this game involves a lot of commitment, it allows for students to interact with each other and get to be social with one another. 

“You get to meet and know your classmates better, know everyone’s name. Overall, I think it’s a good way to end senior year, and it’s a cool experience,” said Kick.