Students affecting climate change

Students can make simple changes to help prevent Global Warming


Adam Syed, Staff Reporter

Global warming–we’ve all heard this term before, I hope– it’s pretty serious. We’ve heard the word so many times it might seem watered down, but there is nothing to ignore about it. Global temperatures and sea levels rising, paired with the shrinking of ice sheets, are all major causes of global warming. According to NASA, the planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.6 degrees. This means that the Earth is getting warmer and warmer over time. 

I feel that as students, we can make more changes than we think possible, so why not work towards a healthier planet? We don’t have to construct huge projects or spend tons and tons of money. We can partake in some simple tasks that will in turn help the future of our planet. 

Showers are something that mostly everyone takes. The problem that lies within the common everyday shower is that using hot water in showers can crank up your house’s energy usage. Instead of using hot water, students can switch to colder showers. Not only do they wake you up in the morning, but they can also consist of multiple health benefits such as refining your hair and skin, improving immunity, blood circulation, and more. 

Another thing that students could do would be to recycle more. It is typical to see students hurl trash, whether it be recyclable or not, into the garbage bin when there are recycle bins alongside it. It only takes a moment to think about which part of your garbage is recyclable or not. When you recycle, you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from areas like landfills. 

An additional common, everyday act that students can simply tweak to reduce global warming would be to regulate energy usage. Something that even I am guilty of is keeping my phone charging when its already at 100 percent. Simple small energy saves can really rack up and save your houses energy bill if regulated. Shutting off the lights when leaving a room, not messing with the thermostat and other energy inducing appliances within your home can be really beneficial to the environment. 

These are just a few of the many, small alternatives that we can think a little harder about rather than abuse them, that we can take towards our goal of helping to preserve our home planet, Earth. Even though it may feel as is you are not doing much, imagine if everyone in the school was making small contributions. These all add up in the end and can lead to major, much-needed change in our earth’s environment. We all live on the Earth; it’s our responsibility to take care if it.