Girls soccer kicks off the season

New head and assistant coach for the spring season.


Kimberly Torres, Staffer reporter

The first two games for girls soccer were a success for the team with a score of 2-1 against Highland Park and 5-0 against McHenry High School.

The Rams currently sit 2-1-0 overall, with first year head coach Jamie Martin.

Jamie Martin assisted the girls varsity team in past seasons, but now, he has taken the role as the head coach to help the team succeed in the best way possible.       

“As a coach in the local community for the last fifteen years, and my wife also being a teacher and past head coach at Grayslake Central, I was happy to step into this role to help the program this spring” said head varsity coach Jamie Martin.  

Former varsity head coach Tom Hamilton, who used to coach the girls freshman team and the boys varsity team for soccer, has taken on the position in assistant coach for  the girls varsity soccer team. 

The players see and understand the game, but with the coaching skills that coach Martin and Hamilton provide, they realize the skills their picking up have been paying off as a team. 

“[Coach Martin] understands the game really well,” said senior defender Brianna Storino.

“We’re really open to understanding or trying to learn the different ways that he wants us to play because it’s a different coaching style, but it’s working really…practices and games have been successful so far”.

So far, everything has been paying off for the team. The improvements the team has made has left the coaches with high expectations and a returning core to reinforce a rejuvenated Rams squad.  

“I think since it’s pretty much the same team as it was last year”  said senior defender Brianna Storino. “We really work well together and I think that we don’t need that time to get used to each other since we already know [each other], and I think that we work a lot better this year already.”