Senior citizens dance the night away

GCHS gives senior citizens an unforgettable night

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Senior citizens dance the night away

Kayla Flores and Kaylee Flores

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The senior citizen dance is an event where the senior citizens are allowed to come in for a dinner, some music, and dancing. Students are allowed to invite grandparents and anyone they know.

Dustin Chierico, who teaches PSP, really liked this event because students can give back to the senior citizens and have something for them that they can come to and enjoy. It was an uplifting and fun event that was held, not only did the senior citizens enjoy it, but the students that were involved did as well.

“I decided that this would be a very good event to do for the senior citizens in the community because everybody who lives in the community pays taxes to the high school but people who are senior citizens don’t have kids so they get no benefits so this would be a way… students can plan something and give back to people who pay taxes here…the students get so many stories to tell from the seniors and they enjoy talking to them,” said Chierico.

After PSP sent the invitations for the dance they were able to receive 68 RSVP’s, this was mentioned by Chierico. The time flew by as the senior citizens danced the night away.

PSP is one of the biggest student leadership classes that is held at GCHS, with the help of Chierico. They do about 9-10 events every year and the senior citizen dance is one of them. This event really showed the purpose of PSP and why it does teach these students leadership skills as well as communicating with others. Students can apply these skills later on in life.  

“We plan service projects so students learn leadership and management skills…the idea is that by doing projects that help out the community you learn the skills you need to be successful when you’re in the real world,” said Chierico.

Events are put together by specific students who are assigned to them where they have to prepare by making things such as banners and flyers just to get the event ready. Students are allowed to sign up and volunteer to show up to the event and help out.

“I want to help out with setting up and I want to make a difference” said senior, Uriel Alonzo.

Overall the senior citizen’s dance was a success to the students and an enjoyable night for the senior citizens. It is an event that specifically gives back to the community. Students came together to make the night memorable for senior citizens.

“My favorite part was seeing their smiles at the end of the songs…their reaction to us as high schoolers seemed nice and they seemed very entertained” said senior, Sean Lambie.