Students compete in the Ram Games

Students come together to complete challenges in the Ram Games

Students compete in the Ram Games

Kaylee Flores, Staff Reporter

The Ram Games is a fundraising  event that was held on February 16 at GCHS. There were 16 teams of about 7-10 students that completed different challenges created by PSP students.  

PSP students brainstormed and created the different challenges for participating students to do that are then approved by Dustin Chierico, PSP teacher.

“All the games come from people in our class…we present all of our ideas, everyone builds off the ideas,,” said PSP senior Grace Herrmann. “I was in [the] obstacle course [planning group], so we built the obstacle course, which was one of the games that we had.”

PSP students wanted to make sure that they set up every challenge correctly for students who participated, which required hours of dedication.

“We built a 10 foot wall that you jump over and that was a new thing…I probably prepped for about 50-60 hours at the school building it, and then putting it together–so a long time,” said Herrmann.

After all of this preparation, the Ram Games event has students complete the challenges. After they finish one creative challenge around the school, the teams must move onto the next challenge. There were many challenges and games that the students had to complete during the Ram Games. This whole event lasted about 3 hours. In the final challenge, students had to do a memory game that involved puzzling and taking a test about information they had to memorize.

The PSP students that run the challenges timed each group on each performance.

“Whoever finishes the fastest, we write it down, and then they combine it into a spreadsheet,” said Herrmann.

Overall, the PSP students collect the times, and the fastest team, who completed all challenges, wins.

Ram Games created a fun environment for all of the students that were involved. It brought students to work together by creating this event and accomplishing the challenges. Senior Reese Kinzig was one of the participants of the winning team, and it was his first year being a part of the Ram Games.

“We completed challenges…like a life size operation. We had to balance on a balance beam and answer questions, and if you got the answer wrong you’d get medicine balls thrown at you,” said Kinzig. “I’ve never done it before, and it was my senior year, and it sounded fun…I had a really fun time this year and I think I really missed out on the past three years.”

Ram Games gets students to work together in a fun way and leaves students wishing they’ve participated before. Having this activity for the students allowed them to interact with one another and enjoy the activities that were created.

“My favorite part was seeing everyone come together, and we actually got it done because we were worried we weren’t going to get it done at first…but we got it done well, and I think everyone had a good time,” said Herrmann.