FBLA hosts Northern Conference at Central

After nine years FBLA host Conference


Tristan Gottstein, Staff Reporter

News 7FBLA hosts Northern Conference at Central



Staff Reporter

Senior Elizabeth Stanton poses with her certificate ofmerit. Photo by Gursimar Virdi

Freshman Hailey Droessler poses next to a cardboard trifold during a presentation

On Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019 Grayslake Central High School hosted a Future Business Leaders of America competition, for the first time in nine years. FBLA is a “leadership organization” focused on “strengthening the-confidence of students in themselves and their work, encouraging competent, aggressive business leadership”, and published FBLA organizational goals.
There were approximately 764 people who attended overall, 650 students, 74 judges, and 40 volunteers from other schools helped, according to GCHS sponsor Diane Keith. TheGCHS FBLA placed first in entrepreneurship. “It took six months of planning, every month we came together when January came we were meeting every week… Warren, Stevenson, Mundelein, and Wauconda came to help set up,” said Keith. A total of 17 schools came out to compete in events like graphic design and business ethics.
Competitions could include scantron tests, which competitors could choose between 25 different categories for or individual performances that include public speaking, talking through situations, and group preferences, which includes designing websites for businesses, and mock interviews.


“Making preparation time a priority and scheduling, were improvements made by FBLA has made,” said Keith.

During the competition, Keuthfelt nervous while trying to keep kids calm.

Yet, Keith’s favorite memory was when Matt Droessler, the President of the Northern Conference,

Photo by Gursimar Virdi

Pockets.” Lindwall, along with other professionals, hosted workshops about finding the power to lead. Some other workshops included“How to become the next rock star networker” by Julie Self and “ Navigating difficult conversation” by Paul Rokosz.

A special thanks to the Northern Area Officers: Matthew Droessler, President; Sofia Feijoo, Vice President, who attends Mundelein High School; Sonakski Garr, Secretary, who attends Wauconda; Sashank Varanasi, Treasurer, who attends Stevenson High School; and Darsh Gupta, Parliamentarian, Warren Township High School.