Then and now fashion trends

Hannah Colson, Staff Reporter

The 70s, 80s, and 90s were all iconic decades known for their fashion trends. All the vibrant colors and unique pieces truly made these years stand out more than the rest, which may be why some of their fashion trends are making a comeback today! Some may have been slightly modified, while others are still being worn with the same pieces they were paired with then.

What clothing item was more iconic in the 70s than bell-bottoms? During this time, everyone was wearing these jeans that flare at the bottom. Today, pants like bell-bottoms are making a comeback! Stores are offering a variety of colors and designs that pair perfectly with a basic tee and your favorite sandals or sneakers.

The 80s truly influenced the fashion trends today! It seems as if every girl has a scrunchie collection and owns a pair of high waisted, baggy jeans to pair with their Vans or Converse. Additionally, bright, colorful sweaters have made a comeback too! They may not be in the neon colors that everyone once wore, but they still have an influence on what people are wearing today. There’s no doubt that the pastel and bright sweaters that people have been wearing got their inspiration from the fashion trends of the 80s. As for the boys, Vans are coming back in style! Whether it’s slip on or old skool, checkered or one color, these sneakers are the perfect basic for any and all types of outfits.

Back in the 90s, it seemed as if every graphic tee and black jeans were paired with Dr. Martens. These boots are fashionable and can stand the rain. Today, they can be paired with similar pieces that were worn in the 90s- baggy sweaters, oversized tees, and loose-fitted jeans. Dr. Martens spice up any outfit, and wearing them is a great way to  bring back the 90s.