Students learn languages for the better

Jakob Killian, Staff Reporter

Most of us know a few words in another language, but have you ever thought about how that could help you? Spanish, French, and German are all offered here at Grayslake Central, and according to guidance counselor Lori Mitchell as many as 883 students take  a foreign language. What about the students that don’t take a language though?  It is very beneficial and important that students take a second language.

     Fanka Dimtrov, a German teacher at GCHS, knows seven languages. 

     “It helped me be able to converse with people […] speaking more than one language makes it easier for you to learn other languages,” said Dimitrov. “Take a language because it helps your brain develop better.” 

     In my opinion, a second language helps me communicate and understand other individuals who speak a language other than English.

Freshman Spanish student Nolan Blenniss says that his parents pushed him to take a second language.

     “I would better communicate with other people in the community.” said Blenniss.

     We need to know how to communicate with others due to the different diversities in languages that other people around the world speak. This allows people to gain social skills and truly understand different cultures.

     I take German here, and it’s a great experience that forces me to meet new people, which is great for obtaining a career in my future.

     Michaelene Gentile, a Spanish teacher at GCHS, thinks that learning a second language greatly helps with getting a new job.

    Furthermore, if you want to make the big bucks try taking a second language because people who take a second language reportedly earn $128,000 more than someone who doesnt, according to a presentation by the GCHS world language department.

     There are also many jobs that need people who speak multiple languages, like a translator. To me, this sounds extremely intriguing becuase when you can communicate with people you can understand what they are going through and make a connection. Dimitrov was also a translator for a short period of time and thinks that she might write a book one day because she met so many interesting people.

     Learning a second language pushes me to learn more about cultures and helps me understand unique individuals around me.

     Languages can help you get into college because most college require 2 to 3 years. Languages help you get jobs and are an amazing experience, so next time you have the chance, take a foreign language.