Rams wrestling pins down practice

Tristan Gottstein, Staffer

     As the wrestling season starts, many wrestlers are getting back on the mat. Wrestlers might need to lose some of the weight they put on during Thanksgiving and during the off season. A wrestler needs to wrestle at their weight class so they can perform at their best. 

     Coaches need to fill 13 spots for different weight classes in order perform best for the whole team. Each weight class has a specific range so that there is an even chance between the two wrestlers. The weight classes range from 106 pounds to 285 pounds. 

     For example, if a wrestler weighs 166 pounds, the wrestler can compete at the 170 pound or even the 182 pound weight class, but the wrestler cannot compete at the 160 pound weight class. 

     It is a delicate balance between getting healthier, winning competition, maintaining, and losing weight.

   When asked how wrestlers can lose weight, varsity assistant wrestling coach, Jim Mazzetta, said, “Practices itself are going because we do a lot of ladders…We do a lot of body weight and lifts.”     

Coach Mazzetta also talks about how wrestlers should never lose a lot of weight in a small period of time.

     “You don’t have to the drastic cuts and stuff, and that’s what we tell the kids to do to you know, just maintain and follow the protocol,” said Mazzetta. 

     In order to help wrestlers from drastically cutting weight, which is extremely unhealthy, The Illinois High School Association  (IHSA) puts rules in place that forbid wrestlers from gaining or losing too much weight in a seven day period.

     When varsity wrestler, Ethan Lester, thinks about losing weight for wrestling, he stated that the best way to lose weight is to cut out the fat.

     “Don’t eat a bunch of junk food. That’s going to stick with you for a day or two. Eat lots of fruits and stuff like can use your body can use for fuel instead of just sitting… Make sure you work out and drink a lot of water because water doesn’t stay in you once you start working out,” said Lester. 

      Kurt Remo, a junior varsity wrestler, explains that if a wrestler needs to lose weight, they should not forget to drink plenty of water for health reasons.

      When it comes down to the details, wrestling requires intense focus and determination. Wrestlers must be considerate about what they eat during the off season because their nutrition and hydration can affect them during the season.