Security changes welcome GCHS students

Kaylee Flores, Staff Reporter

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Grayslake Central High School is making changes regarding to security and school rules. In the beginning of the year, a new list of rules welcomed students. Most notably, students are required to have their lanyards visible at all times.

      One of these changes has been involving school ID. Having lanyards is one major rule to better identify that students are a part of the school. Security will ask students to show them their ID’s so they have acknowledgment on who the student is. 

      “They made a rule if you come in after 7:30 you have to show your ID,” said security guard, Jim Mazzetta.

      The purpose of requiring IDs from students is to give students a sense of direction, so they are not careless with their actions. Security rules also help students have this feeling of reassurance that they are safe in the community.

      “They have a constant feeling of safety around them” said security guard, Aleks Escudero.

      In order for students to go to different classrooms, they need a teacher to write them a pass instead of having assignment notebooks. If students also want to use the restrooms, they have bathroom passes that they need to take with them. 

     Students do not appreciate all the changes because some seem to be a hassle; however, some rules seem to be more important to certain students than others.

      “I like how the doors are locked now…I don’t like the lanyards like the bathroom passes either…cause it’s unsanitary” said senior, Hannah Chin.

      In the past years, classroom doors were not locked at all times, but recently it’s been more strictly talked about that teachers are advised to lock their classroom doors throughout the whole day to ensure safety. Since most doors only lock from the outside, it is seen as safer for teachers to have doors locked at all times.

      Security is a big part of Grayslake Central High School. Students are more inclined to follow these rules knowing that the rules are for their safety. Students also have the sense of knowing that the security guards are here to do their jobs.

      “I like protecting others” said Aleks Escudero.

      GCHS has security rules, to protect and keep track of everything that is going on. Security is so much more than just having rules; it’s about the staff wanting to be there. The security at GCHS cares so much to watch over students, so they feel protected. 

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