High school relationships affect grades

Kayla Flores, Staff Reporter

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Being in a relationship while in high school is common, but being in a relationship can affect some aspects of life both positively and negatively. According to students at GCHS, grades can be affected, but it all depends on the person. 

      Having a relationship can help people rather than hurt them. Although having a relationship can have its struggles, it is a learning experience.

    While being in a relationship can be distracting at some point, most students are aware of what their priorities are and what matters to them. Having a relationship while being in high school can help a student manage what matters to them the most whether that is the relationship or their grades.

      Some might say that being in a relationship is distracting, but some also say that it is motivating and can help the individual. 

     Jonathan Hong says “priorities in a relationship are just to keep each other happy and [not to] really mess anything up…priorities in school are to get good grades.” 

      While Jonathan views his priorities, a relationship and grades, as separate entities, not all students agree. 

     “Depending on the person, some people can have their [priority be] their relationship.” said  Angelina Montes, sophomore. “Sometimes when you’re in a relationship as you get older, it’s time consuming [and] … you’d rather hang with the person you’re with than do something you’re supposed to do.”

      High schoolers worry about grades. Whether that is being concerned about a test grade or their whole overall grade in a class, some feel that being in a relationship does not affect those grades at all, while others have a differing opinion.

      Jonathan went on to say that his grades “are pretty decent. I’ve been getting A’s and B’s”.  He feels that being in a relationship not only helps him grow as a person and grow with that individual, but the last thing that it does is affect his grades in a bad way. 

      When questioning whether or not one would break up with their significant other if grades were dropping, Dorian Pajor junior said, “No because I would be stressed, and they would help me.”

      I understand high school relationships are inevitable and everyone has an opinion about it, but if people really look at it, they are not all that bad. 

     Although there are many instances that people think that being in a relationship will affect your grades and that it can be distracting, we learned some people also believe that it does not affect grades at all.

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