Architecture, engineering revived

PLTW Logo, public domain captured

PLTW Logo, public domain captured

Sebastian LeBlanc, Staff Writer

Civil Engineering and Architecture, or C.E.A. for short, is a new class to GCHS where students can learn about building design and understanding what materials go into a building.

In the past, Central had an architecture program, but due to budget cuts it is no longer offered. The students may use 3-D architecture modeling to create a building in C.E.A. Students can take C.E.A. out of chronological order, and don’t have to have taken a past Project Lead The Way class to qualify for C.E.A. The PLTW classes will help with designing drawings and other tasks, but are not required.

“Lots of students have shown interest in an architecture class and I am excited to teach them the ways of architecture,” said C.E.A. teacher Colin Plach.

C.E.A. will be a full year class and will be worth an applied arts credit. The second semester C.E.A. exam can give college credit similar to the first two years of PLTW. Possible careers that this class gives insight for are architects and civil engineers. Someone can learn why things are built a certain way, and they can learn how to build their dream home. It is also a great place to apply math skills.

“Forbes says that the most jobs of any engineering field are in civil engineering, which this class will get you started in and give you a taste of the life of a civil engineer,” said Plach. According to Plach, 13,657 Civil Engineers were employed from
January 2012-July 2014, the highest average monthly higher of any other field of engineering.”

The Bureau Of Labor Statistics says that civil engineers are employed by the US to build, maintain and upgrade roads, bridges and dams. One of the careers that this class supports is being a Civil Engineer, the average annual pay for Civil Engineers is $83,000.

With CEA, student can demo the life of a civil engineer.