Is GCHS Doing Enough for School Spirit?

School spirit is a “strong emotional connection with a school” said


Responses from a survey of Grayslake Central students who participate in one or more school-sponsored clubs/activities. (Responses collected by Alexandra de la Mora)

Alexandra de la Mora, Opinion Editor

As the year comes to an end, freshmen students are still figuring out the ropes of high school and GCHS as a whole, sophomores are enjoying their last bit of freedom before college questions and standardized testing takes over, juniors are excited to be on top of the food chain for next year, and seniors are leaving everything behind to go further in their education and in life. But how did this year go by so fast? And what did it all mean? From homework and tests, to sports and extracurriculars, the concept of “school spirit” has been in every step you take within these halls, but throughout the years, ‘school spirit’ has become just that; spirits that linger around these hallways in old photographs and within a mascot. 

The definition of “school spirit” according to, “Is not something you can easily define. That’s because school spirit consists of a vast number of things. School spirit is the feeling you get as you step into the stadium for your school’s homecoming football game, [you] proudly wearing the personalized shirt you received during your high school spirit week, [and] volunteering for the yearbook committee, and the student Council.” They also shared how school spirit is a “strong emotional connection with a school.”

But how is Grayslake Central handling ‘school spirit’ among its students and staff? How do students view and participate in ‘school spirit’?

There are 25 athletic teams and 55 clubs here at GCHS, giving a world of opportunities for everyone within the building to make an impact on the school and the Grayslake community. This lays a heavy burden on GCHS activity and athletic directors, who are put in charge of celebrating and elevating all those students and staff. However, some students feel they get a shorthand of acknowledgments and school pride about their successes within their clubs and sports. 

As a senior myself, I have seen Central school spirit fall within the halls and assemblies, and I believe that one of the main causes for this dip in school spirit is the occupation of athletics in the school’s mind, which leaves little acknowledgment to “smaller” successes of individual sports and clubs. 

In a survey, GCHS seniors expressed that they mostly feel as though there isn’t a lot of recognition for certain clubs and sports. As a collective group they all wish to have some more improvements done in advertising specific groups like the theater program, girls tennis, Inkblots, girls Cross Country and Dance are the few that the seniors mentioned.