New Composting Program Looks Toward D127’s Future


Rocco Bowser, Staff Reporter

The town of Grayslake utilizes its landfill, managed by Waste Management, to dispose of its garbage. Grayslake Central has 1,379 students and North has 1,359 students, and both schools produce large amounts of waste, with a large amount being food waste. Food waste is a material that can be turned into high mineral content soil. This soil can then be used to create more food and thus the cycle can continue. Director of D127 Grounds and Facilities, Dan Gonzales said “The idea is to get composting to work… putting less material in landfills so that we can make a more sustainable Earth.” This idea to increase sustainability is something that resonates with the younger generation, evident from the trend of recycling and sustainable ideas circulated by Gen Z and younger. This is not just a trend though; this is a lifestyle that younger generations are adopting to help preserve the environment for ourselves and future generations.

Composting in District 127 started the week of April 10th. Gonzales said, “We’re producing approximately 140 pounds a week that’s not going to the landfill.”  With the Countryside Landfill in Grayslake already on the way to closing due to being too full, the little things the community can do to help with waste are going to have big effects on the landfill and the environment.

The compost begins with special bins in the cafeteria and food rooms to collect food waste. The waste is then picked up by Waste Management and then brought to MidWest Composting. After they turn the waste into compost it is either sold or donated to people and farmers in the area. It is also used in the farming field in the back of Grayslake North.

The new composting program will help cut back on waste brought to landfills. It will help students better understand sustainability. It will also help students think of ways to improve sustainability. These new ideas will hopefully help future generations have a world of renewable energy and resources.