Recognizing and Understanding a Messy Life


Valerie Powell, Staff Reporter

As students, throughout our education, we’ve been told our main goal is graduation, and to prepare for the “real world.” We are researching to choose the “right” career path studying to learn the “essential” skills to survive, and making connections to “better” ourselves. However, not all students end upbeing able to follow this idealized path. Those that are can still end up confused and disoriented. Learning that it’s okay to be disorganized on our path of life and to be able to get it together is one of the most essential skills of success.

No one wants to admit that they are disorganized, but doing so and starting to accept the ways in which you are is truly the only way to fix it. You have to understand your issues in order to tackle your issues. One way to do this is to make a list of all the things you are organized in, along with what you are struggling with. This can be digital or on paper, but what matters is that you have it written down. The action of writing it down will help you realize and start to understand it.

Our disorganization is so overwhelming at times that it feels like there’s no help, but there really is if you do some self-advocating. Advocating for yourself, or being able to ask for help, is the main way most people succeed easily and quickly. Asking those questions that pertain to your life to counselors and experienced individuals can get you headed in the right direction. It’s important to keep in mind that complete organization of one’s life is not necessary, and that it is okay to not have everything together at all times. It does help, though, to find a middle ground between disorganization and cleanliness in one’s life through advocacy and asking others about their own ways of organization.

In the end, know that it’s okay to have multiple paths and/or careers in life. Many people can start off with one major after high school and then end up going for a different major or a different career, all while being successful. The key to success is in doing a job that you want to do, so you do not get burnt out. Finding joy in your work can help with a less  stressful and newly organized life.